Set including DX200 Yoke regulator and P-Synchro Octo, SPG and Mate HD octo bag. (Free gift: Atomic Aquatics Subframe Mask)
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DX200 Regulator :

First stage body material & characteristics  :
Forged brass with sand-blasted chrome finish.High-performance balanced diaphragm design, maximum safety, and easy to overhaul (option to adjust intermediate pressure from the outside)

Second stage material & characteristics  :
Technopolymers and elastomers, with metal components and cover manufactured with corrosion and scratch-resistant Luxury Technology treatment. Option to regulate both breathing effort and the Venturi Effect.

HP Port : 2

LP Port : 4, of which 2 angled at 20° and angled at 30°.

Other features :
There are no holes on the front cover, which prevents free flow even when facing strong currents (OWS System). Option to regulate inhalation effort and the Venturi Effect (Dive/Pre Dive).


SPG 2010 2K  – Diam. 52 mm – 2″

All one piece brass body ; Copper Beryllium spiral wound ; Bourdon tube ; Polycarbonate transparent window ; Plastic cover with loop for fixing ; Graduation 400 BAR / 5000 PSI, full scale. Standard Hose length 80 cm / 32″;

Graduation display:
Luminous easy to read dial design ; Red zone from 0 to 50 BAR / 0 to 600 PSI ; Increments 10 BAR / 100 PSI, all over the scale.

SPG + HP hose in compliance with EN 250 specifications.
Suggested use only by trained individuals and certified by a recognized Scuba Training Agency.
Nitrox use is not covered by EN 250.

Mate HD Octo bag

Material: Nylon 1680 denier with PVC

Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 28 cm

Volume: 8.4 litres

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