Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is to address the type of information we collect, its usage, management, protection and stored. This policy is strictly put in effect to protect the general security and safety within ALADVE which includes registered members and potential customers who browses and utilize site. We DO NOT advocate or condone to unethical online practices such as, without limitation, spamming, phishing, browser hijacking and spyware.

This Privacy Policy shall be subject to changes, modification, and updated from time to time at our discretion in accordance to conditions that we see fit without prior notice. Changes made to this policy shall be posted and updated herein. Thereafter these changes shall be enforce, applicable and in effect instantly and immediately. Thus we recommend you to read it thoroughly to fully understand your privileges and rights. The onus shall be on you to monitor any changes posted from time to time.

All registered, provided and collected information for the use on this site shall only be used by ALADVE and non of these information provided shall be disclosed to any third parties, organizations, corporations, entity unless otherwise the third party are deemed fit by ALADVE. Important information such as IC numbers and mobile numbers shall be kept confidential and treated seriously. However, ALADVE shall co-operate with the law if the registrant, person, individual or groups through the direct or indirect use of our website was/were found to have committed any unlawful offences such as and not limited to the following:

(a) online fraud

(b) cyber hacking

(c) online scams

Personal information collected by us are solely and strictly to help us understand your needs so that we provide you with better support and service.