OPINEL Set of 4 table knives N°125 Bon Appetit + GLAM


The Bon Appetit + Glam set combines 4 colours to give the table a modern look.

The Bon Appétit + knives are perfect for everyday use.

They can put in the dishwasher and their micro-serrated blade makes them durable.

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Blade length : 11 cm

Micro-serrated blade:
For a smooth cutting without tearing. The cutting power is long-lasting.

Acier inoxydable MA5 :
Martensitic stainless steel with high hardness due to the addition of nitrogen (0.15%) and superior corrosion resistance due to a high chromium content (16%).

Handle :
The Bon appétit + knives handles are in high quality polymer haut de gamme resist to water, chemical products and heat.

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