Bugband Bed Bugs No More, 3oz


BugBand’s naturally derived solution to bed bug infestations. While other bed bug pesticides are nerve agents that only kill adult insects with a developed nervous system, Bed Bugs No More!™ uses a Swiss “trade-secret strength” Geraniol formulation that kills ALL bed bugs on contact.

Bed Bugs No More!™ works by attacking the bed bug’s exoskeleton or egg casings making it an effective treatment against all life cycle stages of bed bugs including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult bed bugs.


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-Kills eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult bed bugs on contact
-Attacks insect’s exoskeleton.
-The non-toxic, water-based formula is safe for bedding, children and pets
-Will not stain most fabrics (Test in inconspicuous place)

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